NFC Reader & Payment Controller

Cryptera – Flexible Modular Payment Solutions

Cryptera’s Payment Controller will host payment applications in a secure environment, allowing tailored terminal configurations using the NFC Reader and other secure devices from Cryptera. The NFC Reader is compliant with several card and mobile payment schemes, so the users can enjoy the convenient and fast payment transaction, while merchants achieves short queues and low maintenance cost due to low wear on the hardware.


NFC Reader

Cryptera’s EMV and PCI approved NFC Reader enables fast and secure contactless payment by card or phone. The NFC Reader is available as part of Cryptera’s flexible Modular Payment Solution or as a standalone reader to function with an already installed controller or PC.

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Payment Controller

The Payment Controller is the heart of an unattended payment solution, for all segments from vending self-service kiosks to fuel dispensers. It can be integrated in almost any kiosk and host an EMV and NFC enabled payment application.

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