Decontamination guidance


It is important for us to take good care of both our customers and employees. In this challenging time with continued spread of Corona virus (COVID-19) we monitor and assess the situation carefully to make sure our organization comply with guidelines and recommendations from the authorities.

We strive to keep our Supply Chain up and running to meet obligations to our customers, suppliers and partners. We monitor the situation close, prepare for potential scenarios and respond quickly to the evolving conditions and new information.

To help prevent the spread of COVID-19 and still meet customer obligations, Cryptera has implemented several precautions:

  • A number of employees are working remote
  • Our staff remain accessible to customers, suppliers and partners by web, telephone and email – meetings are typically hosted as online video meetings
  • If employees show the slightest symptoms of illness, they should stay home
  • No travelling for all employees, both domestic and international
  • The number of visitors to Cryptera facilities are reduced to an absolute minimum

Furthermore, to reduce the risk of infection, Cryptera has high attention to cleaning and has implemented the following hygiene guidelines in the workplace:

  • We keep at least 1-2 meters distance to each other
  • We avoid physical contact, such as handshakes and hugs
  • We keep good hand hygiene and pay extra attention to our hands – frequent wash with soap or disinfect with hand sanitizer. We have easy access to hand sanitizer in all facilities
  • We show consideration if we need to cough or sneeze – we use our sleeve or elbow, not our hands
  • If we feel the slightest symptoms of illness, we must stay home
  • We have frequent and thorough cleaning of common contact points, at least once a day and specific areas and surfaces are cleaned several times a day

Best practice for cleaning our products:

  • Use a soft cloth or sponge
  • Wet in solution of water and a mild detergent or mild dish washing soap
  • Twist cloth or sponge to remove excess water
  • Clean surface
  • Rinse with moist cloth or sponge dipped in clean water


  • We do not recommend long-term use of detergents containing alcohol or other solvents as it may cause damage to some of the plastic parts
  • Do not get moisture into any openings
  • Gloves can be worn to minimize potential contamination

If you have any questions, please contact us at either or phone (+45) 4343 4395.