From cash dispensing to loyalty rewards, kiosks save time and improve the gaming experience.

At casinos, horse racing tracks and off-track or off-premise betting facilities, payment kiosks and other self-service systems are changing the way money flows into and out of the institutions. Millions of transactions can occur at each location each day, and in the eyes of the casino or track, the less time people are waiting in line, the more time they are at the tables or betting windows.

Self-service in casinos comes in the form of ATMs or cash dispensing kiosks that also serve multiple functions, such as bill breaking and ticket redemption. These kiosk solutions enhance the customer experience by accelerating cash handling functions typically performed by the cage or guest services. Customers have shown to more often choose these self-service kiosks over visiting an attendant, which has allowed casinos to free their staff for other strategic tasks.

In the casino business, loyalty is king. Even when cash is not involved, self-service has carved out a niche in the form of loyalty program redemption kiosks. Normally, casino guests visit customer service desks to perform functions such as checking point balances and redeeming points for comps and promotional rewards, leaving customers to spend a significant amount of time in line waiting to perform these types of transactions when they could be at the tables or slots. With loyalty redemption kiosks in dispersed locations, this process is sped up and the overall customer experience is improved.

Successful kiosk projects in the casino space have also included self check-in units at hotel casinos and payment kiosks at buffet style restaurants located within the casino. Horse racing locations have also been a boon for self-service for many of the same reasons as casinos. More bets are able to be placed more quickly at touchscreen betting kiosks, which mitigate lines at human betting windows particularly on busy days. These kiosks also remove some human error when it comes to money handling. Kiosks can network with tracking systems, maintain currency balances and store transaction history logs, ensuring accurate and complete transaction history. As one might expect, multifunctional ATM-style transactional kiosks have also taken off in this space.

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