Diebold-Cryptera – Where we live and breathe payment security

In the world of secure payment solutions, change is inevitable. In order to navigate through revised industry standards of security, international certification requirements, and numerous rules and regulations, companies are looking for a partner to make the implementation of electronic payment solutions easier.

For more than 25 years, Diebold-Cryptera has been that go-to partner. Formerly known as Sagem and BBS Denmark, Diebold-Cryptera has maintained its place as the world-leading provider of secure payment solutions. Headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark, Diebold-Cryptera has rolled out more than 1,5 million payment solutions and is the OEM supplier of the some of the top manufacturers of ATMs and petrol pumps worldwide, as well as self-service and self-checkout devices.

Diebold-Cryptera sets itself apart from the industry with its unrelenting drive for payment security excellence. Our highly skilled staff of approximately 30 engineers, hardware and software developers are experts in the fields of encryption, certification and integrated payment solutions. The R&D department has a staff of highly educated engineers and computer scientists with expertise in the fields of encryption, certification and integrated payment solutions. To ensure the security of our clients, Diebold-Cryptera has been appointed a Visa-certified facility for encryption key load.

From a manufacturing standpoint, Diebold-Cryptera keeps the entire production process in house, offering customers a complete, hands-on value chain. From concept and design, to quality control throughout every phase of production, to final fulfillment and shipping, Diebold-Cryptera is able to supervise the entire development and implementation of a customers’ electronic payment system