Self service finds its way into today’s most profitable industries

Self-service is changing the way customers interact with businesses. In many cases, customer-facing employees have been replaced by kiosks or ATMs, which give customers direct service in a quick and easy manner designed to fit in with their increasingly busy lifestyles.

For the businesses deploying self-service, they are able to realize cost benefits as they increase the number of transactions possible, streamline business process and reduce workforces that previously handled mundane tasks. Often times displaces employees are reallocated to service in more mission critical roles that more of an impact on the company’s bottom line.

Learn how self-service is changing some of today’s biggest industries by exploring the pages below.


Self-service started with the financial services industry. Over time, banks and financial institutions have created a model where customers expect to use an ATM PIN Pad or kiosk when to get cash or perform financial transactions.


Technology advancements such as touchscreen ordering and payment have made fast food providers more quick and accurate when processing orders. Once only inside the restaurant, self-service is making its way to the drive thru, allowing customers to order and pay more efficiently and securely.


Self service parking kiosks are increasingly becoming adopted by cities and townships as these municipalities look to alleviate issues with downtown and city parking. New technology allows for easy payment for parking services as well as easy methods for paying for parking violations.


Aside from the ATM, self-service systems in retail are the most influential kiosks in use today. The expansion of self service is fueled by customer affinity of the units, as well as adoption and acceptance of do-it-yourself shopping.


In order to facilitate speed and convenience, customers are opting to use self-service to pay for and receive tickets rather than traditional avenues like box offices, travel agencies or ticket windows. For deployers, self-service removes much of the accounting, paperwork and administrative and financial burden of traditional ticket systems.


Pay-at-the-pump was the first form of self service to completely turn an industry on its head. Today, new technology is constantly being developed to make the self payment process more secure and efficient as self-service users increase.


Rising gas and energy prices are paving the way for yet another resurgence of the electric vehicles (EV) in the United States. But unlike previous efforts to put gasoline-free cars on the road, this campaign is showing signs of long-term stability.


The Gaming Industry has a long record of self-service gaming. For that reason self-service payment process is a natural extension of the offer making the gaming providers more efficient and creating loyal customers.