Cryptera’s Software Development Kit provides SW developers with everything they need to quickly implement full payment applications in the Cryptera  Payment Controller. The SDK allows for a swift integration process while maintaining the important security aspect of our product.

The Cryptera SDK consists of a set of tools, libraries, documentation and examples of payment application code to help quickly and easily build a complete payment application. A dedicated support team ensures that developers are serviced and guided through the integration process if needed.

Cryptera devices can be integrated with all kinds of applications and platforms. Software integration can be done in various ways depending on the application and the target platform. An appropriate hardware platform and application may already exist. In this case the Cryptera device can be connected in a simple manner and the application can be modified to utilize the security of the Cryptera device.

Linking to Cryptera devices

Secure Cryptera devices can be linked to existing platforms through a serial command protocol. Learn more about the Cryptera Protocol. Other solutions may require a complete payment application embedded in the Cryptera Payment Controller, supporting a full payment transaction service.

SDK for complete Payment Applications

The Cryptera Software Development Kit enables the software development required to create a complete payment application on all devices comprising the Cryptera Platform. The SDK is used to create applications that can be loaded in the payment controller. The Cryptera Platform provides the physical and logical security required to obtain a successful PA-DSS evaluation of the payment application. This is vital for the PCI DSS compliance of the merchants that deploy the solution.

The SDK provides an adapted Eclipse Integrated Development Environment (IDE), preconfigured to support the API of the secure Cryptera devices that are part of the solution. This means that the Cryptera protocol described above is replaced by an API in the SDK setup. On top of that the SDK provides EMV Level 2 approved kernels for both contact and contactless cards. The contactless kernels are also approved to support the major card schemes.