Cryptera Protocol


Cryptera devices can be linked to the main application through a serial command protocol.

All devices can be connected through a USB connection. Cryptera provides a certified USB driver for Windows (Communication Device Class – CDC). On Linux the standard driver in the kernel will handle the USB connection. In either case the device will appear as a serial port in the Operating System.

The 1215 and 2200 EPP also support plain RS232 as an alternative to USB. This is an advantage if the EPP needs to be managed from smaller power efficient systems without a USB stack. Commands on the serial connection follows a Cryptera specific protocol called ACP. Documentation from Cryptera describes this protocol in detail.

To simplify software integration on Windows based systems, Cryptera provides a Windows Dynamic Link Library (dll) that implements the protocol. The main application can use this library to setup communication with the Cryptera device. A simple example, showing how to load and use the library, is also provided.

Software integration on a Linux system requires implementation of the protocol. Cryptera provides relevant source code examples (in C) to facilitate this implementation. A Java implementation of the protocol is also available for integration with Java application. This will work on Windows as well as Linux.

NOTE: For use in ATM applications, Cryptera can provide an XFS Service Provider.