Cryptera Services


We want to ease product life cycle management of our devices without compromising security at our customers environment. Therefore, Cryptera offers the below services to support our customers:

Product configuration
Cryptera configures the products based on customer requirements for specific layout, specific key schemes and key derivations:

  • Layout definition
  • Product customization
  • Key configuration

Cryptology Expertise
Cryptera supports customers with cryptology inquiries such as encrypted PIN blocks, Certificate issues, TR34 integration, TR31 key usage and key block headers.

Key management & Distribution
Cryptera has its own CA (Certificate Authority) and can issue host certificates or public key signatures to enable Remote Key Load in Cryptera Encrypting PIN pads. Cryptera imports/exports keys through secure processes. Customer specific keys are securely imported and loaded in the Cryptera devices. Customer specific keys are created and exported to the customers HSM.

Cryptera also offers activation services to ease the service and maintenance processes. The activation process is used to set a secure payment device in “active secure state,” according to PCI requirements

  • Issuing host certificates or signatures for Remote Key Load
  • Import and Export of symmetric keys
  • Activation services

Secure Production & Maintenance
Cryptera offers services for set up of secure local production at customers manufacturing sites, service sites or other relevant locations. This service ensures an effective, secure and trustworthy manufacturing process.

Software Update
Cryptera offers secure software updates for deployed modules and also has the possibility to re-configure any module if customer requires changes over time.

If you are interested in our services, please contact us.