CryptoTouch ATM

The CryptoTouch Encrypting Touch Controller (ETC) is a touchscreen PIN pad designed for integration in ATMs and kiosks. It enables presentations of vivid software interfaces on large LCD color screens, while providing the same security as traditional Cryptera tactile PIN pads.
The CryptoTouch secures customer PIN input from the touchscreen through a combination of logical and physical security measures that are PCI approved. Cryptera CryptoTouch knowhow minimize common issues when designing touchscreen PIN pads. Cryptera can help with:

  • Optimizing screen angles and placement to minimize parallaxes effect
  • Choosing the optimal size of active touch area
  • Optimal calibration of touch controller


Intended for indoor and outdoor payment environments:

  • ATM
  • Ticketing kiosks
  • Gaming kiosks
  • Parking kiosks

For ATM applications Cryptera offers an optional XFS Service provider for easy integration. Click here for more information.

For kiosk applications the ETC can be configured to work with a Secure Card Reader if support for EMV offline PIN is required. In this configuration the ETC will be equivalent of the traditional tactile PIN pads (EPPs) in the Cryptera modular solution.

Cryptera offers software drivers, documentation and tools to facilitate the integration of products on various platforms. For more information click here.


  • PCI-approved Encrypted Touch Sensor
  • 3DES and Remote Key Loading support
  • USB powered
  • 512 KB Program
  • 512 KB Data (Key) Storage
  • -5°C to +60°C temperature range
  • Supports as standard screen sizes from 10.4” to 24”. Other screen sizes available upon request.
  • Weight approximately 146 grams
  • External measures:
    • Height approximately 62,2 mm (+0,5/-0,5)
    • Width approximately 177,5 mm (+0,3/-0,3)
    • Depth approximately 23 mm (+0,25/-0,25)


  • Enables Secure PIN entry on a touch screen
  • Removes the need for a PIN Pad in the design of the ATM, Kiosk or other payment terminal.
  • Resistant design for both indoor and outdoor applications


  • PCI PTS approved. Approval no. 4-80007

Customer Support:

The ETS 6000 comes standard with access to some of the top payment security specialists in the industry through Cryptera Support. During the integration phase of the unattended payment terminal, Cryptera Denmark offers extensive support via telephone and e-mail. Onsite support is available upon request and agreement. Click here to contact Cryptera support.

CryptoTouch ATM – PCI 3.x

CryptoTouch ATM – PCI 5.x