NFC-Enabled Parking Solutions in Copenhagen

Cryptera and Logos Design have partnered to enable a network of parking kiosks in Copenhagen that supports NFC-based payment, contactless EMV cards as well as NFC-based mobile wallet. Installed in 2017, this project has begun with a rollout of 150 kiosks citywide, with plans to expand to upward of 800 in the future.
The scope of the project includes unattended payment terminals, largely based on Cryptera’s payment security products. Cryptera also provided the backend system that powers the daily operation of the network, from supervising financial transactions to estate management and remote diagnostics.

The Danish company Logos Design, which specializes in self-service payment solutions for industries like petrol, carwash, ticket vending, and parking, designed and implemented the user interface on the different kiosks and part or the entire internal kiosk control software.

Considering a large kiosk rollout in a public space? Learn how Cryptera and Logos Design can help you secure the payments, deliver the proper operation and provide a smooth user interface.