Secure Firmware and Key Management

We believe in making things easy! Anybody planning to runtransactions that involves the ”Payment Card Industry”players will need PCI PTS compliant devices for user inter-action and PCI compliant firmware and key Management.

Leave the hardened security to us and reduce the time-to-market with Cryptera’s service that covers device deployment from cradle to grave. Save the vast expenses for establishing a PCI compliant secure room, maintaining state-of-the art cryptographic knowledge and PCI audits.

Use FirmwareGuard+ from whereever you prefer—we deliver a complete service which is easy to deploy and use.

Customer Benefirs of FirmwareGuard+

  • Reduce the time-to-market for payment devices and save cost for PCI compliant facilities
  • Establish a root of trust for key management and firmware load
  • Authenticated and secure firmware updates Over-The-Air (OTA)
  • Outsource production without compromising IP
  • Manage a multitude of configurations in vendor-agnostic devices
  • Compliant loading of Keys and Certificates into PTS devices
  • Easy deployment—Cryptera delivers a complete package

FirmwareGuard+ offers:

  • Secure Boot – root of trust assuring that the device is running genuine code only
  • IP protection
  • Production management – prevents cloning and overproduction
  • Secure remote FW updates “Over the Air”
  • Distributed production possible
  • Key and Certificate provisioning
    • Issuing Host Certificates
    • Loading of certificates in device
    • Import of symmetric keys from acquirer/P2PE processor
    • Loading of symmetric keys in devices
    • Key management services
  • Certifiable and Auditable solution that complies with the highest standards for a regulated market