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We help you build in security from the start. Create a solid security foundation in your IoT devices with services easily integrated in to you existing production process.

With years of experience within embedded security and the regulated payments industry we offer you the foundation necessary to trust your devices, to integrate them with your systems or the cloud and to secure them through their life time.

Additionally, we offer protection of your intellectual property placed in edge devices and against overproduction of your devices.

Cryptera brings 30 years’ experience in security solutions to IoT device manufacturing

Security of devices for the Internet of Things needs to be at the top of your agenda right from the design stage. What’s more, it’s crucial to consider the whole lifecycle of the device all the way from concept and design through to production, commissioning, installation, operation, updates and ultimately decommissioning and disposal.

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Protect your intellectual property

Cryptera’s solutions also guard against production of unauthorized copies or fake devices by ensuring that only genuine devices can be provisioned. You can rest assured that lower-quality devices cannot be produced by copying your design and the intellectual property in your firmware. Secure provisioning also guards against illicit over-production of genuine devices, which can then be sold on the grey market.

The security extends to guarding against malicious cyber and physical attacks to steal data in the devices during operation.

The same encryption also protects the data once the devices are taken out of use – either for re-use, sale of disposal. By protecting the data in this way you can also ensure GDPR compliance for customers’ data.

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Offer complete data confidentiality through our provisioning setup that ensures in-depth protection of your intellectual property.

Become PCI compliant through our sealed key and certificate injection process.

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