Online and mobile ticket sales have helped build customer confidence with unattended payments at ticketing kiosks. Due to their public nature, these units are often the target of fraudsters, making it increasingly important to have secure hardware and software integrated within. With Cryptera, you get a smoother experience backed by world-class payment security protocols.


Travel, transportation and entertainment industries are the most popular outlets for unattended ticketing. In these industries, where customer service is paramount, self-service ticketing greatly improves the buying experience by providing easy-to-use, convenient ways to purchase tickets. Ticketing kiosks can come in the form of a standalone unit, ATM, handheld device or POS terminals and offer credit card & cash acceptance options through unattended payment terminals and bill acceptors.


Bus/Train Ticketing
Transportation authorities are growing at a pace where staffing ticketing locations doesn’t make sense, so self-service is now a staple here. But to ensure secure payments and processing, working with a security provider is essential given the public-facing nature and volume of transactions of these machines.

Sports/Venue Ticketing
Self-ticketing machines have been shown to remove much of the administrative and financial burden for sporting and concert venues, where prices and availability change quickly. Sales tracking and cash flow can be easily recorded and monitored using back-end kiosk software, eliminating human error. Using the same software, real-time updates of ticket prices, availability and specials can be easily entered and transmitted to all kiosks on the network.

Airline Ticketing
In addition to proprietary airline kiosks for check-in and upselling, Common Use Self-Service (CUSS) ticketing kiosks enable any customer to check-in at any kiosk regardless of the airline serving them. These kiosks are often located in the terminals or at nearby hotels and convention centers. Each participating airline reported improved check-in processing time and transaction costs reductions upon deployment. CUSS has shown to reduce the need for queuing space and airport counter square footage requirements.


Here’s why financial institutions trust their investments with Cryptera:

Above and Beyond​​
Cryptera is not just another components OEM – we are a Payment Technology Company. This means we create robust payment solutions that allow integrators to deliver a world-class user experience to their financial services customers backed by extremely secure software protocols that go beyond PCI and EMV standards – providing critical peace of mind when using attended financial terminals.

We change the way you do business
We provide a secure payment environment by combining our hardware solutions with gives you the power to be flexible, agile and efficient in managing customer payment processes, while keeping the most important elements of those processes secure.

A Complete Focus
We design, build and integrate our payment technologies to optimize the experience for both manufacturers and end users alike. Whether it’s a single PIN Pad or a complete payment platform rolled out across an entire financial institution, we seek to provide world-class payment solutions backed by security standards that far outpace anything else available.