Air Bank – Contactless ATMs

By 08/10/2017 January 8th, 2020 Case Studies, Resource Center


Providing a Completely Contactless ATM Experience

Working with Air Bank in the Czech Republic, Cryptera’s parent company Diebold Nixdorf rolled out a completely contactless cash dispenser in a Prague shopping mall. The CS 2020 is a clear example of connected commerce driving opportunities in the mobile cash market.

The cash dispenser enables contactless transactions with NFC enabled cards or mobile phones in combination with encrypted touchscreen (ETS) for PIN entry. The CS 2020 can also authenticate users cardlessly through pre-staged transactions on a user’s smartphone. Once the transaction is initiated, the user receives a secure QR code or a one-time PIN. When the QR code is scanned or the PIN is entered at the ATM, cash is quickly dispensed.

Offering the global marketplace one of the largest and diverse portfolios of self-service systems globally, Diebold Nixdorf brings together software, services, systems and sales to meet the dynamic needs of its customers.