About Cryptera

Cryptera is a Payment Technology Company – we create secure payment solutions that allow customers to deliver a world-class user experience that go beyond PCI and EMV standards.

Company Profile

In the world of secure payment solutions, change is inevitable. In order to navigate through revised industry standards of security, international certification requirements, and numerous rules and regulations, companies are looking for a partner to make the implementation of electronic payment solutions easier.

Partners and Distributors

Cryptera acknowledges that success is achieved with strong partners and distributors improving the overall performance and reaching out, adding value to customers worldwide.


With more than 30 skilled engineers and IT experts on staff – including a significant number with graduate degrees in cryptology – we’re particularly well-suited to address the increasingly demanding requirements associated with electronic payment.

Security and Approvals

Whether you have business in Los Angeles or in London, your needs are covered with Cryptera. Our payment solutions live up to international and national standards and can be customized for just about any individual application or specification.


Cryptera has been delivering peace of mind, not just products, to customers around the world since 1985. Most of our customers have been with us for more than 10 years. These long-term relationships have grown out of a partnership mentality – one that is embraced by our own staff as well as by the clients whom we serve.


In order to maintain our focus on the “heart” of secure, reliable payment solutions, the manufacturing of product components are done by a carefully selected network of sub-suppliers.

Battery Documentation

Battery Documents for Cryptera Parts containing Lithium Metal Batteries Transport conditions: Lithium Metal Batteries in compliance with Sections II of PI970.