High end suppliers for high end security products

Cryptera benefits from dealing with some of the best suppliers of secure components and durable materials. The proven history of durable Cryptera products reflects this.

Compliance for suppliers

For all existing and new suppliers the following compliance standards has to be met as a minimum:
Compliance Standards for Suppliers – 29. August 2014

Cryptera’s purchase policy

  • The goal of Cryptera is to have a close co-operation with suppliers that support our overall objectives. The result of this co-operation will secure at least 98% of deliveries on time, a failure rate less than 500 PPM and good intentions for continuous improvements.
  • Cryptera preferred suppliers have a demonstrable focus on quality control and reduction of total costs. Furthermore, a good supplier is characterized by innovation capacity and flexibility.
  • To evaluate a supplier’s ability to deliver the desired quantity at the right time and price and with the right specifications before a purchasing agreement is signed, to monitor this ability continuously, and to communicate this evaluation to each supplier.


  • Cryptera is continuously working on the co-operation with our suppliers. A part of our overall objective is to estimate the delivery fulfilment of our suppliers on a monthly basis. Furthermore, we registrate the quality of the goods we receive.


  • To be considered as a supplier to Cryptera, a preferred supplier have as a minimum an ISO9001 certificate and a supplier with an ISO14001 and or TS16649 certification will be deemed as very qualified, of course if applicable for the branch. Furthermore, the supplier must be able to deliver materials at the same quality at lower costs or be able to offer other advantages to Cryptera.


  • The choice of supplier is not only based upon the product bought and the conditions connected with this purchase. Furthermore, the commercial conditions and the quality of the product/service required have top priority when choosing a supplier.
  • Our policy says that no employee at Cryptera must accept any kind of present or gratuity that has nothing else than a symbolic value. This policy concerns all employees at Cryptera regardless they are involved in the purchase directly.
  • Cryptera dissociate from all kind of child work, force/exploitation of manpower. Cryptera will try hard to deal with fair trade and protection of the environment.