Make EMV integration easy

Cryptera provides EMV Level 1 approved chip cards and payment terminals. We also furnish a set of tools to facilitate integration of our EMV products into a local or national EMV application.

The EMV program is one of the most important developments the national and international payment markets have seen in recent years. EMV migration integrates smart card technology in transactions worldwide. As a result of this transition, the three main constituents of the payment system – the cards, the electronic funds transfer terminals and the systems – need to be overhauled.

Why EMV migration?

The basic objectives of EMV migration are:

  • To define international specifications for both issuing and accepting smart cards
  • To reinforce the security of the payment system by limiting counterfeit cards and defining a greater security role for the issuer at the point of sale
  • To provide a framework for off-line transactions
  • To define a structure for multi-application use

VISA and Mastercard have defined all EMV specifications, which are now overseen by EMVCo. They stipulate the characteristics of an EMV smart card and an EMV-compliant terminal. In addition, EMVCo has published a comprehensive set of tests that ensures complete interoperability.

What EMV approvals cover

The terminal/smart card interface has to be approved EMV Level 1 to ensure an electrical and basic logical acceptance of an EMV card by a payment terminal. A level 2 kernel guarantees a complete EMV transaction flow.

EMV specifications do not cover communication protocols, risk control acceptance and man/machine interfaces; they must be specified by the national or regional payment authority.

Cryptera UPT 7000

An all-new unattended payment terminal designed for ultimate security and payment processing efficiency for self-service integrators looking to provide a quick, easy payment application their customers.
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Cryptera MPS 8000

Designed for outdoor payment enviroments the MPS 8000 provide fast, secure and convenient PIN selection and verification with End-to-end encryption of card data for PCI DSS compliance.
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