XFS stor

Cryptera XFS

CRYPTERA offers a licensed XFS Service Provider for CRYPTERA PIN entry devices using new generation crypto architecture.

The XFS SP is designed to bring effectiveness and simplicity when integrating PIN entry devices in ATM applications.

The XFS SP is compliant with the latest version of the XFS standard published by the European Committee for Standardization (CEN), currently version 3.30. Cryptera XFS also supports version 3.20.

The XFS SP software has been developed in order to shorten the time to market for customers integrating XFS enabled products.



  • Supports the CEN XFS standard version 3.30
  • Remote Key Load operations (Signature and Certificate scheme)
  • Supports generic transaction set of commands including Touch command set*
  • Maintenance operations are supported by means of a dedicated Device Maintenance Library (DML)
  • Supports Native Windows HID events in GetData mode for touch devices
  • Supports authenticated command execution

*Note: Country specific features can be supported on request.
Please contact Cryptera for a more detailed XFS specification


  • Ease of integration towards a harmonized standard
  • Quicker implementation compared to integration on a lower level -customers can focus on the integration work and application development
  • Easier implementation of key management support in XFS SP driver – extensive knowledge of key management is not needed


  • XFS standard published by the European Committee for Standardization (CEN), currently version 3.30. Also supports version 3.20
  • Compatible with the following Cryptera EPPs: EPP 1215, EPP 1217, EPP 1218 & ETS 6000

Customer Support:

  • The XFS PIN SP is updated according to the latest published CEN XFS PIN standard
  • Update of the DML and DML sample application is included in the support package
  • Customer support (via dedicated email channel)
  • Change requests for XFS & DML are handled separately, according to agreed commercial terms (e.g. Country specific adoptions or customer specific features)

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