Payment security products tailored to your business

Remote Key Loading from Cryptera gives financial institutions the peace of mind that their security and integrity will be maintained and protected on multiple fronts. When it comes to processing payments, security is absolutely paramount to profitability and customer retention in the financial sector. As security measures increase in the product development community so do the attempts on the part of the fraudster and hacker circles.

When it comes to distributing master keys from a central administration point to the Encrypting PIN Pad, Cryptera’s Remote Key Loading Product provides the maximum amount of security in the industry by offering a product that meets or exceeds the emerging security requirements mandated by various credit card organizations and international standard bodies such as the Payment Card Industry Council Data Security Standard and the more secure Triple Data Encryption Standard. Cryptera replaces the traditional dual-control split-knowledge approach of manual key installation with a secure online solution making remote key management more secure and more cost-effective for the financial institution.

Benefits of Remote Key Loading

From quicker ROI to enhanced security, Remote Key Loading from Cryptera offers financial institutions a number of benefits:

Central management and distribution of keys

Deployers manage both keys and signatures from a central and secure location, eliminating the need to send security officers to each PIN pad location to load their half of the key pair.

Compliance and regulation mandates

RKL allows deployers of remote payment and transaction technology to meet the stringent standards while also complying with regulations set forth by credit card organizations. It is now a requirement that anyone facilitating a transaction comply with the Triple Data Encryption standard. Remote key loading allows Triple DES keys to be distributed from a central point without the need of physical human entry, allowing the financial institution to become more secure and abide by the standard.

Increased Return of Investment and Total Cost of Ownership

Without RKL, financial institutions would have to print the key pair on secure paper, distribute the paper securely to security officers, facilitate their travel to and from the terminal location and pay them for the time to enter the key pair on the terminal. Especially for large operations, this task can be costly and time-consuming. Using Cryptera Remote Key Loading, deployers have the opportunity to drive down operating efficiency ratios by the introduction of a fully automated process while establishing improved security policies.

Increased Security

Cryptera Remote Key Loading (RKL) safely transmits key information online using secure cryptographic methods to protect, distribute and validate the data. This enables a secure installation and frequent periodic key updating, which increases overall system security, while removing the possibility for human error or fraud when handling keys.

Ease of implementation

Cryptera Remote Key Loading is based on open international standards making it easy for deployers to quickly implement the system and meet all regulatory compliances. As an experienced provider of data encryption solutions, Cryptera works with every customer to make sure their RKL solution is up running quickly and securely across all terminals.

Please contact Cryptera for a detailed checklist and guidelines for RKL implementation in your system.