Cryptera EPP 1215

For companies looking for a secure encrypting PIN pad for self-payment solutions, the Cryptera EPP 1215 Encrypting PIN pad delivers features necessary for processing payment in today’s self-service market. Optimal for applications that experience high traffic and usage, the EPP 1215 features a watertight polymer enclosure that houses color-etched stainless steel keys.

As the OEM for the EPP 1215, Cryptera provides a product that can easily integrate with the latest self-service technology, while also meeting the security needs of even the most demanding deployers. Whether it’s in gas station self-service pumps, ticketing kiosks, parking units or other self-service installations, the EPP 1215 delivers the security and support you need.

Like all Cryptera Encrypting PIN Pads, the EPP 1215 features an ADA-compliant, Braille equipped keyboard. The EPP 1215 also supports Remote Key Loading from Cryptera, giving customers an open-standard, flexible on-line key loading solution that is more secure and cost-effective than traditional dual-control split knowledge key installation and maintenance.

For ATM applications Cryptera offers an optional XFS Service provider for easy integration. Click here for more information.


  • Automatic Teller Machines (ATM) PIN input
  • Companies looking to make upgrades to comply with Triple DES standards
  • Gas Station & petrol self-service pumps
  • Self-service ticketing kiosk
  • Self-service parking payment
  • Self payment kiosk solutions


  • Stainless steel keys in a polymer keyboard frame
  • Watertight when properly installed (IP65 from front of keyboard)
  • 3DES and Remote Key Loading support
  • USB and RS-232 interfaces
  • 512 KB Program
  • 128 KB Data (Key) Storage
  • Connectors for function keys and beeper
  • -30°C to +70°C temperature range
  • Vandal resistance: IK07
  • Two million-cycle keyboard lifetime
  • Ability to customize layouts
  • Numerical key size: 13×13 mm
  • Function key size: 13×22 mm
  • Raised keys with optional embossing
  • Embossing ( XOI< ) is an available option on function keys
  • Embossing ( +- ) is an available option on numerical keys. Raised dot available and normally used for 5-key
  • Weigth approximately 352 grams
  • External measures:
    • Height approximately 102,4 mm (+0,4/-0,2)
    • Width approximately 117,9 mm  (+0,4/-0,2)
    • Debth approximately  26,7 mm


  • Provides ATM with advanced security features to keep up with changing standards and regulations
  • Attempts at fraudulent attacks results in the destruction of secure data
  • Easy connectivity to various terminals through USB and RS-232 ports
  • Ruggedized design can withstand both indoor and outdoor applications
  • Able to withstand external force, liquid penetration and intense heat
  • Operates on standard software that supports common encryption algorithms
  • Access to top EPP security experts in the industry through Cryptera support


  • PCI 3.x  approved
  • Approval no. 4-20268
  • Triple DES Compliant
  • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Compliant
  • CE approved
  • ROHS compliant

Customer Support:

The EPP 1215 comes standard with support for the Cryptera Remote Key Loading product.

During the integration phase of the EPP, Cryptera Denmark offers extensive support via telephone and e-mail. Onsite support is available upon request and agreement.

Click here to contact Cryptera support.