Cryptera – leading global supplier of encrypting PIN pads

Financial institutions, retailers and other companies offering self payment or unattended payment require the use of PIN pads that perform encryption that meets the standards of 3DES and RSA in order to provide the most secure payment option for their customers. PIN pads are commonly used in ATMs, but are also often found in self-service kiosks, gas station self-pumps, financial services kiosks and anywhere else that requires secure data entry.

Cryptera EPP 1215

Optimal for applications that experience high traffic and usage, the Cryptera EPP 1215 Encrypting PIN Pad delivers features necessary for processing payment in today’s self-service market.
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Cryptera EPP 1217

The smart choice for companies looking for the most advanced Encrypted PIN Pad security features and one that can take the beating of everyday use.
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Cryptera EPP 1218

Top-of-the line Encrypting PIN Pad in Cryptera’s 1200 series, offering manufacturers and deployers one of the most secure 3DES-compliant input devices available on the market today.
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Cryptera EPP 2200

An Encrypting PIN Pad with a large graphical interface in addition to industry-leading security features such as Triple DES key encryption that complies with PCI standards for secure payments and data input.
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