Custom Applications

Payment security products tailored to your business

Cryptera is the world leader in Encrypting PIN Pad and secure payment processing technology. As the original equipment manufacturer of all of our products and software, our value lays in the ability to make those products work with the challenging integration requirements of many manufacturers today. In addition to our award-winning lines of Encrypting PIN pads and self-payment solutions, Cryptera also offers integrators and manufacturers the choice of customizing these security products to meet their specific needs.

Our Team

The value in customizing payment security products with Cryptera begins with our team of highly-skilled in-house product developers with a competence for the changing market needs of today’s manufacturers. That group is backed by a team of payment security experts with extensive cryptology experience to secure your custom product in even the most demanding security environments. As experienced security professionals, this team works tirelessly to stay ahead of current trends in payment fraud in order to avoid problems before they happen. The Cryptera team also has a deep understanding of fluctuating certification requirements in many countries and has strong relations with major certification institutes.

Customization benefits

Partnering with Cryptera to design and manufacture your next Encrypting PIN pad or payment security solution ensures you access to the top design and manufacturing professionals in the industry, meaning that you can focus on your integration processes and leave the hard work to us. Those that customize their products realize the following benefits:

  • A highly efficient manufacturing process allows for short development cycles
  • Complete production management, from specification to volume delivery
  • Access to a business partner ready to share NRE cost in order to ensure delivery of the right products at the right time
  • A company that is capable of taking full responsibility in the complete EPP solution from specification to the end of the products life cycle
  • Ability to work with an environmentally responsible and 14001-certified OEM
  • Strong customer relationship management specializing in the support of large global customers

Contact us for a consultation before you begin your next project and find out why Cryptera is the choice for major manufacturers worldwide for the most secure payment solutions.