Secure PIN entry on a touchscreen

Securing PIN entry on a touchscreen is of great importance for the consumer when using this sensitive information in a payment situation. For ATM, Kiosk, Petrol Payment, Retail solution providers securing this information and meeting the demands of today and the future in enabling touch as part of the complete payment process is a huge challenge.

As the world leader in Encrypting PIN Pad Cryptera has used this expertise in enabling PIN entry with PCI approved solutions and can help meeting this challenge.

Solutions for ATMs

Cryptera has been part of developing some of the first ATMs with PIN entry on screen that are used today by Diebold and Wincor Nixdorf – two of the ATM industry leaders. Their solutions use the Cryptera CryptoTouch ETS 6000 product. For more information regarding this product click here.

Solutions for Retail

Is secure PIN entry on a touch POS product possible? The answer is yes and Cryptera has as a partner for Wincor Nixdorf made this possible in the “Albert” terminal sold by Commonwealth Bank in Australia in a customized solution tailored specifically for this payment terminal. For information regarding customized secure PIN touch solutions click here.

Solutions for Kiosk, Petrol and other segments

Cryptera is working to make PCI approved secure PIN entry on touchscreens also a industry standard in other segments. For more information regarding customized secure PIN touch solutions click here and please feel free to contact us at Cryptera.

Cryptera ETS 6000

For enabling secure PIN entry on a touch screen for ATM & Kiosk, the ETS 6000 Encrypting Touch Sensor delivers a solution to integrate in touch screens from 10.4” to 24”.
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