Innovative Self-Payment Products

From Encrypting PIN Pads to payment network security and remote key loading, Cryptera’s provides the technology that companies need to secure unattended payments in today’s challenging environments. Backed by a team of data encryption specialists, Cryptera can even customize solutions designed to meet the changing needs of today’s self-service powered businesses.


CryptoTouch enables secure PIN entry on a touchscreen through standard and customized solutions.

Encrypting PIN Pads

PIN pads that perform encryption that meets the standards of 3DES and RSA in order to provide the most secure payment option for their customers. They also happen to be our specialty.


CRYPTERA offers a licensed XFS Service Provider for CRYPTERA PIN entry devices using new generation crypto architecture.

Unattended Payment

From pay-at-the-pump to bill pay kiosks, unattended payment is revolutionizing self-service. Cryptera offers the best behind-the-scenes security technology as well as customer facing solutions with the MPS 8000.

OEM Customized Products

As the original equipment manufacturer of all of our products and software, Cryptera offers integrators and manufacturers the choice of customizing security products to meet their specific needs.

Remote Key Loading

Cryptera’s Remote Key Loading Product provides the maximum amount of security in the industry by offering a product that meets or exceeds the emerging security requirements mandated by PCI.