Users also find the ease in self-payment for parking and violations

Self-service parking kiosks are increasingly becoming adopted by cities and townships as these municipalities look to alleviate issues with downtown and city parking. For years, local governments have dealt with broken and malfunctioning parking meters, while the general public has suffered parking tickets and towings as a result. With the increased use of credit and debit cards, parkers often complain that traditional meters don’t accept cards and few people carry around large numbers of quarters required to park for extended amounts of time.

In many cities, the implementation of self-service kiosks designed to replace parking meters have resulted in happier parkers, while city officials have seen increased parking revenues and less maintenance required on the units. As a result, parking authorities have been able to either downsize their staff or reallocate them to other revenue-generating duties.

The new waves of parking kiosks differ from the traditional in the sense that parkers use an unattended terminal to pay at the kiosks for a set amount of parking time, receive a receipt confirming the purchase, then return to their vehicle and place the receipt on their dashboard or stick it to the inside of their windshield. Along with coins, parking kiosks accept major credit and debit cards. The units have been credited with increasing payment options for parking customers, eliminating confusion caused by placement of meter poles and reducing the burden on local businesses in making change for bills.

Another kind of parking kiosk has also benefitted parking violators. Cities and townships who have deployed self-payment kiosks designed for paying parking tickets can reduce lines and man hours to process violation payments. Self-service kiosks eliminate waiting in line and provide a convenient, safe and secure payment transaction method for users. More advanced payment kiosks are even using RFID-enabled smart cards and mobile-phone-based cashless payments for violations.

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