Fast food restaurants see success when customers input their own choices

Technology advancements for quick service restaurant ordering systems have made fast food providers more accurate when processing orders. But ask any customer and they’ll say they still need more from the drive thru window.


A study released by QSR Magazine found that 63 percent of respondents said overall customer experience makes for a good drive thru experience. This experience is mostly affected by the customer’s interaction with the employee at the drive thru, to which the study showed that employees are the root of two major turn-offs for drive thru visitors. More than a third (36 percent) of respondents said that employees that don’t give customers attention are one of their top two biggest turn-offs. Another quarter (28 percent) said employees acting immaturely or causing bad service are two of their biggest turnoffs. Together these easily are the most critical turn-offs realized in the report.

Self-service in the QSR space is redefining the customer experience for many fast food diners. Where adopted, self service kiosks or ordering stations allow the customer to use a touchscreen to input their orders, assuring the accuracy of each order placed. Using unattended payment terminals attached to the systems, customers can complete the transaction at the kiosk or ordering station, resulting in the only interaction with the restaurant employee being the handing off of the food. With 84 percent of customers saying that order accuracy is the most important component in a good drive through and many of those complaining being turned off by employee empathy, self-service becomes a powerful customer experience tool.

The restaurant franchisee that deploys self-service technology will see a number of benefits as well. In actual deployments, owners have seen profits rise as much as 15 percent, due to the self ordering kiosk’s ability to up-sell the customer on items. In addition to saving as many as 40 employee hours per week, kiosks have the ability to generate a return on investment in a matter of months.

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