With highly qualified engineers and IT experts on staff, we can help you decipher nearly any challenge

Which would you prefer: a technically advanced product, or a technically advanced provider? Luckily, you don’t have to choose with Cryptera. Unlike many suppliers of payment products, we provide payment solutions based on the vast knowledge of an in-house team of experts. That means you get a solution you can depend on now and for many years to come.

With more than 30 skilled engineers and IT experts on staff – including a significant number with graduate degrees in cryptology – we’re particularly well-suited to address the increasingly demanding requirements associated with electronic payment. We have more than 25 years of experience with secure PIN-based technology. And we’re a long-standing member of the community that develops international industry standards.

Because of this rock-solid foundation, you can be assured of getting a payment solution that meets precisely your needs. Considering the pros and cons of on-line and off-line PIN verification, for example? Or maybe you want to know more about country-specific payment applications? Our team of in-house experts not only will answer your questions – we’ll pose quite a few of our own to make certain that we have identified your needs and addressed those needs completely.

Cryptera is a highly agile firm that employs some of the best minds in the fields of cryptology, engineering and manufacturing. Less than 100 employees and each of them is dedicated to secure payment solutions, and secure payment solutions only – which makes us a good catch, indeed.

As you take a closer look at Cryptera, we hope you’ll keep that focus in mind. And do let us know what’s on yours.